Creative Custom Cookies

 The Creative Custom Cookie package includes up to four designs and four colors designed and created by Kat just for your event. With this package clients will work with Kat sharing details of their event to create a set custom cookie designs unique for you.


Postbox Sweets accepts a limited amount of custom orders per month. From design planning to baking, decorating, drying and packaging these little works of art need a lot of time to create. Kat’s approach to designing cookies is sweet and simple. Clients can work with Kat to create a special design for your next event.

The Creative Package Design Fee is $40 plus cost of cookies at $132 for two dozen.

Minimum order is two dozen. You can choose up to four designs and four colors. 

Additional cookies are $5.50 each

The design fee covers a design consultation, design time, font selection, custom colors and new cookie cutters if designs require them.

To inquire please fill out the order form.