AU • One Dozen
AU • One Dozen

AU • One Dozen

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War Eagle! Grab a dozen cookies for your celebration!

Your box includes 3 footballs, 3 AU logos, 3 Aubies + 3 War Eagle. Cookies will be heat sealed and good for two weeks.

Officially licensed by Auburn University. War Eagle script and cutter designed by Postbox Sweets.

REFUND POLICY Unless I’m unable to produce your order this purchase is non-refundable.

PLEASE make note of your pickup date! I’m not responsible for orders that aren’t picked up.

Pickup address will be included in your order confirmation email. Cookies are individually heat sealed and good for up to two weeks.

Cookies are fragile so please handle with care when transporting them. I’m not responsible for broken cookies once they leave my home.

IMPORTANT: Postbox Sweets operates under the Alabama Cottage Food Law. This product contains: flour, powdered sugar, butter, sugar, meringue powder, eggs, vanilla and almond. This product may contain allergens and is produced in a kitchen where milk, nuts, peanuts, and/or tree nuts are used. This food is not inspected by the department of public health.